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A food delivery service in Cleveland Ohio offering nutritious meals to those in need.

A Program of Collaboration Station, a 501c3 nonprofit organization



Delivering meals to those with physical disabilities and to individuals with chronic or acute health conditions who need healthy, home-cooked, nutritious meals prepared for them.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW


In addition to home delivered meals, our agency provides assistance to those in need of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) through our licensed Dietitian on staff

+012 345 6789

​CCHAP Meals

Delivers Meals On Wheels to  ages 22 and older to ensure they have healthy, nutritious food to eat at home. We also provide meals to individuals with physical limitations as well as those in crisis and emergency situations.

Welcome!  CCHAP Meals on Wheels serves fresh, natural and organic foods prepared by our personal chefs for those in need.  The health and wellness of seniors and those with chronic and acute conditions is important to us which is the reason why we use the Food as Medicine model to guide every meal we prepare.  We cater to all different meal types to include diabetic friendly, Pescatarian and Vegetarian and Gluten-Free.